Spanish jurist Baltasar Garzon will advise the incoming government of the central Mexican state of Morelos on crafting a law establishing the rights of crime victims, Gov.-elect Graco Ramirez said.

"We will sign cooperation agreement, government of Morelos and Baltasar Garzon Foundation," he said, in abbreviated language, on Twitter.

Ramirez, who takes office Oct. 1, said that Garzon, "with his international experience of commitment to justice, can help in the creation of Morelos' Support for Victims Law."

After the meeting he held on Wednesday with Garzon, the governor-elect said that the preparation of the law is necessary to clearly establish the juridical rights of victims, such as in matters of health, as well as social and labor justice.

"Judge Garzon is a personality who is well-known worldwide for his consistency and for being a man committed to justice," Ramirez said.

Garzon, a former member of Spain's National Court and current consultant to the International Criminal Court, expressed his satisfaction over cooperating with Ramirez's government in drafting a law that will be an example on the national and international levels.

On Tuesday, the government of the western state of Nayarit announced that Garzon met on Monday with Gov. Roberto Sandoval.

In remarks disseminated by the Nayarit government, Garzon said that they established "some points and plans to be able - on another occasion - to work openly in the area of the dispensation of justice and combatting organized crime." EFE