A state legislator who belonged to the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, was murdered over the weekend in Mexico state, which surrounds the Federal District and forms part of the Mexico City metropolitan area, prosecutors said.

Jaime Serrano Cedillo was stabbed on Sunday, the Mexico state Attorney General's Office said.

Serrano Cedillo, a "local legislator from the 25th district of Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, was hospitalized around 1330 hours on Sept. 16 and lost his life from the wounds," the AG's office said in a statement.

The lawmaker was stabbed in Nezahualcoyotl, a city about 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) from Mexico City.

"The Mexico state prosecutor's office will conduct the corresponding investigation to determine how the incidents occurred and find the whereabouts of the suspect or suspects, and will work in strict observance of the law," the AG's office said.

Prosecutors did not say whether the lawmaker's killing was linked to organized crime.

Serrano Cedillo died less than two days after Eduardo Castro Luque, another PRI member, was gunned down.

Castro Luque was shot dead Friday night outside his house in Ciudad Obregon, a city in the northern state of Sonora.

The long-time businessman was elected to represent the 17th district in Cajeme and was to have taken office this week.

Mexican President-elect Enrique Peña Nieto, of the PRI, discussed Castro Luque's killing in a Twitter posting.

"I condemn the murder of Dep. Eduardo Castro. I am confident that the full force of the law will be brought to bear on those responsible. My thoughts are with his family," Peña Nieto said.

Mexico state Gov. Eruviel Avila Villegas, who also belongs to the PRI, expressed concern over Serrano Cedillo's death and said he ordered Attorney General Miguel A. Contreras to investigate the lawmaker's murder.

"We will find the person or persons responsible and will bring the full weight of the law down on them. My thoughts are with the family of Jaime Serrano Cedillo," the governor said. EFE