Seven people, among them four members of a gang, were murdered Sunday by unidentified men in San Pedro Sula, a city in northern Honduras, the National Police said.

The bloody deed occurred early on Sunday inside a residential building located in the village of El Carmen.

Among the victims were two women and a child, National Police Criminal Investigation Division spokesman Oscar Aguilar told reporters.

The gunmen entered the building where the victims lived, and "brought them to a single room to kill them without ... a word," Aguilar said.

Five of the dead were identified as Maynor Fonseca, Juan Muñoz, Gloria Gutierrez, Mariela Mendoza and Nolvin Benitez.

The motive for the multiple murder could be "a settling of scores or revenge" between gangs, given that at least four of the victims were members of a street gang, San Pedro Sula police chief Leonel Sauceda told reporters.

The wave of violence Honduras has been experiencing resulted in more than 7,104 deaths, or 19.4 per day, during 2011. EFE