A Mexican citizen and a Guatemalan port official were arrested for allegedly belonging to an international drug trafficking organization, Guatemalan officials said.

Ramon Antonio Yanez Ochoa, a Mexican national, and Juni Enriquez Monzon, a Guatemalan port official, were arrested on Wednesday, Interior Minister Mauricio Lopez said.

Yanez Ochoa was detained at an apartment in an upscale section of southeast Guatemala City, while Enriquez was arrested at the port of Quetzal in the southern province of Escuintla, Lopez said.

Drug enforcement agents, meanwhile, seized five cargo containers holding $12 million worth of synthetic drugs in a poor neighborhood in the northern section of the capital.

The drugs, which will be tested, were discovered during the operation to dismantle the drug ring, Lopez said.

Drug enforcement agents found $158,000 inside a safe in Yanez Ochoa's apartment, the interior minister said.

Yanez Ochoa is the subject of "an arrest warrant issued by United States justice in 1994," Lopez said.

"Intelligence was obtained that this gang planned to take a shipment of finished synthetic drugs out of the country," Costa Rican prosecutor Francisco Dall'Anese, head of the U.N.-sponsored International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala, or Cicig, said.

Drug enforcement agents have dismantled two illegal labs used by drug traffickers to produce synthetic drugs in the past week.

"We are dealing with (Mexico's) Sinaloa cartel," an Interior Ministry source told Efe. EFE