The suspected "leader and founder of the La Resistencia criminal organization," which operates in the western state of Jalisco, has been captured, the Mexican Federal Police said Wednesday.

Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez was arrested on Tuesday in Metepec, a city in the central state of Mexico, Federal Police drug enforcement unit chief Ramon Eduardo Pequeño said in a press conference.

The 42-year-old Pozos Gonzalez was the subject of a reward of 1 million pesos (nearly $76,350) being offered by Mexican authorities.

Pozos Gonzalez was wanted on drug, kidnapping, extortion and murder charges, Pequeño said.

The suspect was a member of the Milenio drug cartel, which was led by the Valencia brothers until 2010.

The arrests of Oscar Orlando Nava Valencia and Juan Carlos Nava Valencia pretty much put an end to the Milenio organization's operations.

"From the year 1993 until 2000, Pozos Gonzalez was sent by the Valencia brothers' organization to Houston, Texas, in the United States, to pick up shipments of drugs, especially marijuana," Pequeño said.

The break-up of the old Milenio cartel led to the rise of La Resistencia, which had "the support of the leaders of La Familia (Michoacana) and the Gulf cartel," and another gang, the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel, Pequeño said.

La Resistencia was led by "Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez, alias 'El Molca,' Elpidio Mojarro Juarez, alias 'El Pilo,' and Victor Manuel Torres Garcia, alias 'El Papirrin,' who was arrested by the Federal Police on Feb. 28, 2011," Pequeño said.

La Resistencia formed an alliance in September 2011 with Los Zetas "to increase its operational power and maintain a strong front against the Jalisco Nueva Generacion cartel," whose leader is Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, the Federal Police official said.

The war between La Resistencia and Jalisco Nueva Generacion has left scores of people dead in western Mexico, especially Jalisco state, since last year.

Pozos Gonzalez, a native of Zapopan, operated in Jalisco, Michoacan, Mexico state and the Federal District. EFE