A small boat with 42 immigrants aboard including a pregnant woman was taken to the Spanish port of Motril after being intercepted Sunday night by the Civil Guard and Maritime Rescue off the coast of Granada.

After the boat was brought to land, the pregnant woman was taken to hospital in Motril for a medical checkup due to her advanced state of gestation, the Spanish Red Cross told Efe.

Special attention was also provided for two young children and several immigrants showing slight symptoms of hypothermia.

The boat was spotted Sunday night by a plane that was part of an operation of the European Union's Frontex border agency, at some 16 miles northwest of Alboran Island off the coasts of Almeria and Granada.

Traveling in the boat were 42 immigrants, all but three of them of sub-Saharan origin and including 10 women.

The immigrants were handed over to the police. EFE