The New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn suffered superficial damages Saturday from a tornado that also caused flooding, so that a tornado alert was maintained throughout the day, the New York Daily News said.

Shortly after noon a tornado struck the Atlantic Coast area of Queens and Brooklyn, knocking down trees, yard fences and power lines, breaking windows and ripping the siding from homes.

The black column of wind and cloud whirled in from the sea and touched down on New York's Atlantic beaches. No injuries have been reported up to now.

The weather phenomenon, so unusual in this area, lasted several minutes, time enough for pedestrians to grab their cameras and cell phones to take photos and videos that many later posted on the Internet.

The storm delayed play Saturday at the U.S. Open tennis championships in New York for more than an hour and forced the postponement of the women's singles final until Sunday.

Authorities expected the bad weather to continue all day Saturday and have issued no less than five tornado alerts for the borough of Queens, Westchester County north of the Bronx, and other areas in New York state and Connecticut. EFE