After shots fired near the Rio Grande border left a citizen dead, the Mexican government is condemning the actions of the U.S. Border patrol.  

Now having done their own investigation,the Mexican government has released a statement regarding the incident which occurred last weekend. 

"The information currently available indicates that a Mexican citizen lost his life after receiving a bullet wound from a United States Border Patrol agent," Mexico's foreign ministry said of last Sunday's occurence.

The shooting took place along a stretch of border between Laredo, Texas, and the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo.

Mexico has repeatedly said that the "disproportionate use of lethal force" by U.S. immigration enforcement personnel is unacceptable, the foreign ministry noted in a statement.

The Mexican Consulate immediately contacted U.S. authorities to request a thorough investigation of the shooting, the ministry said.

The number of Mexicans dying at the hands of U.S. Border Patrol agents has risen significantly in recent years and has caused a strain between Mexicans and Americans along the border. In almost every case, the agents said they shot in self defense.

One such incident, the fatal shooting of Juan Pablo Perez Santillan on the international bridge linking Matamoros,Mexico, and Brownsville, Texas, was condemned on June 24 by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

The Border Patrol said an agent fired his weapon after people on the Mexican bank of the Rio Grande hurled stones across the river in the direction of the agent and a colleague.