Colombia's controller general said Thursday from Spain that she will leave her country after a series of death threats.

The last straw was the arrival of a coffin at her office in Bogota, Sandra Morelli told Bogota's Blu Radio.

She said she decided to accept a job outside Colombia to avoid further exposure "to that kind of aggression." Morelli said those responsible for the threats "are clearly identified," but she provided no details.

The controller general denounced what she described as "acts of aggression and fabrication" aimed at discrediting her and the work of her office.

Morelli traveled to Madrid on official business, Colombia's police commander told a press conference in Madrid.

"She left for Spain to complete coordination with Spanish authorities ... on the creation of anti-corruption units," Gen. Roberto Jose Leon said.

Police created a special team to investigate the threats against Morelli and to offer the controller general "security measures so she can carry out her job," the general said.

Morelli, an attorney by training, was appointed in August 2010 to a four-year term as controller general. EFE