Dominican and U.S. drug enforcement agents seized 1.65 tons of cocaine that apparently arrived in the Dominican Republic from Colombia, officials said Wednesday.

The cocaine was aboard two speedboats that were intercepted by navy, air force, drug enforcement and U.S. Coast Guard units about 50 nautical miles south of Saona Island in the eastern Dominican Republic, the DNCD drug enforcement agency said in a statement.

The cocaine was in 60 bales containing about 25 bricks each, the DNCD said.

No arrests were made because the speedboats' crews threw the bales overboard and fled, navy Rear Adm. Edwin Dominici said.

The speedboats were detected as they approached the Dominican Republic's coast, prompting aircraft and other units taking part in "Operation Secure Coast" to respond.

The operation started around 10:00 p.m. Monday and ended on Tuesday night, DHCD chief Rolando Rosado Mateo said.

"It was a joint operation, which is highly important for the country in the war on drug trafficking," Rosado Mateo said.

The Dominican Republic is used as a transit country by transnational criminal organizations that smuggle cocaine and other drugs into the United States and Europe. EFE