A civilian was killed and two police wounded in separate, simultaneous attacks by the shadowy EPP guerrilla group, Paraguayan authorities said Wednesday.

Eusebia Maiz, 33, was shot in the head Tuesday night outside her home in the northeastern province of Concepcion, the National Police said, adding that the attackers also used some kind of explosive device in the assault.

At roughly the same time, officers Felipe Escobar and Victor Acosta were wounded when one or more assailants opened fire on a police kiosk in another part of Concepcion.

The attacks were a message from the EPP, Interior Minister Carmelo Caballero said.

The group, which is blamed for killings, kidnappings and other violent deeds, wants to intimidate the people overseeing efforts to track down EPP members, the minister said.

He pointed to the extreme violence of the attack on Eusebia Maiz, who was the aunt of suspected EPP militant Bernardo "Coco" Bernal.

Maiz allegedly provided authorities with information about the EPP, according to press accounts.

"We cannot speak with 100 percent certainty, but all the elements indicate it was an attack by the EPP," the interior minister said before announcing plans to send additional police to Concepcion.

The EPP, which emerged in 2008, is blamed for a series of kidnappings and killings in the jungles of northeastern Paraguay, where four of the group's commanders were killed by security forces in 2010. EFE