Spain's Civil Guard evacuated Tuesday the 81 undocumented immigrants camping on Isla de Tierra, a Spanish islet off the Morocco coast, Interior Ministry officials told Efe.

Most of the migrants were handed over to Moroccan authorities after the pre-dawn operation, the officials said.

Spain had meanwhile accepted 10 immigrants in line with the accord reached Monday night between Madrid and Rabat for the evacuation of Isla de Tierra and the sharing of its occupants, who arrived there in two groups last week.

A group of 68 immigrants including three children reached Isla de Tierra on Sunday where another 13 sub-Saharan immigrants had been since late last week.

The arrival of this group of almost 70 people represented the largest wave of immigrants to arrive on the Spanish islets and rocky outcrops along Morocco's coast.

The military garrison on Peñon de Alhucemas near Isla de Tierra had taken charge of getting humanitarian aid to the immigrants, providing them with blankets, food and water.

Evacuating Isla de Tierra took more than three hours with boats of the Civil Guard ferrying small groups of immigrants to the Moroccan coast where a large police force awaited them. EFE