A cameraman with the Globovision network is wanted for attempted homicide in connection with a shooting at a farm near the Venezuelan capital, Interior Minister Tareck El Aissami said Friday.

When some of the workers at a collective farm objected to the "unauthorized" presence of a three-person Globovision news crew, cameraman Frank Tolosa opened fire, wounding one of the farm managers, El Aissami told a press conference.

He said the other two members of the Globovision crew admitted to entering the farm without permission and confirmed that Tolosa shot the manager, whose injuries were not life-threatening.

Vice President Elias Jaua, who is also Venezuela's agriculture minister, went to the farm on Friday to preside over an "act of redress" for the peasants affected by what he described as "Globovision's fascist, cowardly aggression."

Globovision, which is strongly critical of the administration of leftist President Hugo Chavez, said earlier this week that its news crew was present at Tuesday's incident on the farm and that the network had already shared the information with authorities.

The particulars of the event "must still be established by the investigative organs and the courts," Globovision said in a statement, adding that its employees were "surprised by this situation."

This latest dispute with the government comes two months after Globovision paid a $2.1 million fine rather than face an embargo on $5.6 million of its corporate assets.

The Supreme Court ordered the embargo after Globovision resisted paying a fine imposed by regulators who said the network's coverage of a June 2011 prison uprising was effectively a justification for criminal activity. EFE