Guatemalan rescue workers found the body of a three-year-old girl who had been kidnapped along with her mother this week and for whom no ransom demand had been made, officials said.

A National Civil Police spokesman told reporters that firefighters on Thursday found the body of the young child, identified as Jennifer Vasquez, in a vacant area on Guatemala City's southwest side.

"She bore signs of torture, blows and bites on different parts of her body," the spokesman said.

The young girl and her mother, Liliana Alquijay, were abducted Wednesday by a group of armed men in a poor district on the capital's outskirts.

Alquijay was released minutes later by the captors, who refused to hand over the woman's daughter and did not establish contact with her later to demand some type of ransom.

With an average of 14 homicides per day, Guatemala ranks as one of the world's most violent countries. EFE