The Spanish professionals most sought after outside their country are engineers, and it's chiefly Mexican, Brazilian and even German companies that are after them.

That was the word given to Efe by four directors of Web sites and social network accounts that specialize in finding talent and facilitating professional contacts.

Recruiting firm HAYS says Spanish aeronautical and industrial engineers are in demand for self-propulsion, aviation and construction projects in emerging countries like Brazil and Mexico.

Even so, this does not mean that "there exists a large-scale exodus of engineers," the engineering director of HAYS, Sergio Hinchado, said.

For his part, the director of loyalty motivation for the Jobandtalent Web site, Ramon Egea, said they have observed a growing number of German companies in the market for Spanish engineers.

Jobandtalent is a Spanish online employment agency where users, mostly young people about to complete their university studies or at the outset of their professional careers, post their profiles so they can be reviewed by companies that pay an access fee.

Egea said that the Web site works through a system of integration with Facebook, which allows users to be recommended for jobs by their contacts and in this way make sure they stay up to date with any openings in the job market.

U.S.-based LinkedIn opened it offices in Spain in March 2012 and since then the number of Spanish users has risen from 2 million to 3 million.

LinkedIn officials said that with Spain's unemployment rate approaching 25 percent, they have seen an incredible increase in the number of profiles of Spanish users being posted.

LinkedIn provides access to very specific user profiles, though its management says that companies are generally looking for candidates who aren't looking for them - that is, people who are already employed and aren't actively seeking another job.

A recent study taken by the professional social network Viadeo showed that half of Spaniards use the networks to find a job.

He said that 64 percent of executives who make hiring decisions check social networks to find profiles of candidates for a specific opening before an interview, and that three out of every 10 human resources managers discard candidates who have no profile on a social network or who have one that is out of date.

The head of Viadeo, with 1.2 million users in Spain, Pol Santacana, said that the user profile type on this network is a professional who has been active for some time and seeks visibility to improve his professional situation.

He said that telecommunications and construction engineers are the most sought after in Germany and in the countries of North Africa.

He also expects that in the coming years the professional profile in great demand will be that of Spanish scientists. EFE