A Colombian army private killed three other soldiers at a remote outpost in the southwestern province of Cauca, the military said Friday.

The shooter was apparently suffering from mental problems and lost control, according to the commander of the army's 27th Brigade, Col. Juvenal Diaz Mateus.

The incident took place Thursday night in a rural area of Piamonte, a municipality on the boundary between Cauca and Putumayo province, as the shooter and the victims were on patrol, the brigade said in a statement.

Killed were Sgt. Yuri Nel Corredor Baylon and Cpls. Alexander Alvarez Gutierrez and Jhonatan Perez Escobar, the 27th Brigade said.

Diaz said an investigation is already under way, while the army high command in Bogota dispatched the inspector general to Piamonte to oversee the probe. EFE