Mexican state-owned oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, has asked shipyards in the northwestern Spanish region of Galicia for proposals to build seven additional vessels worth 100 million euros (about $125 million), Galician regional government President Alberto Nuñez Feijoo said Thursday.

The request highlights the "advances" made in the strategic alliance between Pemex and the Galician shipbuilding industry, Nuñez Feijoo said in a press conference.

The Spanish government's Official Bulletin of the State on Thursday published Pemex's request to set up operations in the outer port of La Coruña, a city in the northeastern part of the region, the regional government president said.

The contracts for 14 tugs and a "flotel" are expected to be finalized in the next few weeks, with Galician and Mexican shipyards working together on construction of the vessels, Nuñez Feijoo said.

Construction of the vessels will generate about 250 million euros ($312.4 million) and create jobs for 2,500 people, Nuñez Feijoo said. EFE