Drug enforcement agents seized 120 kilos of heroin that arrived in Guatemala from Mexico and France, officials said Tuesday.

The heroin was seized at Guatemala City's La Aurora International Airport on Monday, Government Minister Mauricio Lopez said.

Agents found 110 kilos of liquid heroin that arrived from Mexico and 10 kilos of heroin that entered the country from France, Lopez said.

The heroin was sent to a business in San Jose Pinula, an area in the southern part of the capital, but investigators could not trace the company and suspect it was a phony firm.

The drugs arrived in Guatemala last Friday and the methods used show that traffickers are using new smuggling techniques, Lopez said.

This is the second heroin shipment seized by Guatemalan authorities in the past few days at the airport.

A shipment of 100 kilos of liquid heroin from France was seized last Thursday, with the recipient also being a phony firm.

No arrests have been made, but investigators are still trying to track down the smugglers.

A shipment of 405 kilos of cocaine was seized on Aug. 19 at a private hangar at La Aurora and five Ecuadorians and seven Guatemalans were arrested.

Guatemala has become a transit and warehousing center for international drug cartels in recent years, security officials say. EFE