The 18 people arrested last week while trying to enter Nicaragua disguised as a news crew from Mexico's Televisa television were carrying $9.2 million in cash and not $7 million, as originally reported, police said.

The money was hidden in several of the six news vans - painted with the Televisa logo - the suspects were driving at the time of their arrest, police spokesman Fernando Borge told Efe.

Traces of cocaine were found in the group's luggage.

Televisa said the detainees are not employees of the network.

Arraigned Saturday on charges of money laundering and racketeering, the 18 suspects are being held without bail.

The group tried to enter Nicaragua from Honduras en route to Costa Rica, Nicaraguan prosecutors said.

One of the 18 people arrested appears to be a municipal police officer from the Mexican city of Durango.

The phony journalists were intercepted shortly before the beginning of a high-profile trial in Managua of 24 people accused of smuggling Colombian drugs via Costa Rica to Guatemala, for ultimate delivery to traffickers in neighboring Mexico.

The defendants include Nicaraguan promoter Henry Fariña, thought to have been the real target of the July 9, 2011, attack in Guatemala that resulted in the death of Argentina's Facundo Cabral, a folk music icon.

The alleged ringleader is Costa Rican citizen Alejandro Jimenez, now awaiting trial in Guatemala for the death of Cabral.

Fariña was driving Cabral - who had given a concert in Guatemala City the previous night - to La Aurora International Airport when they came under attack on a street on the Guatemalan capital's south side.

The Nicaraguan businessman told Guatemalan prosecutors that Jimenez was behind the attack, saying the Costa Rican had threatened to kill him for refusing to sell the Elite chain of adult nightclubs in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Authorities in Guatemala, however, said the attack was spurred by the theft of a drug consignment. EFE