The remains of a woman found in Marjan park in the city of Split are those of a Mexican tourist who was murdered, Croatian police said Sunday.

Selena Margarit Graciano Macedo's remains were found on Saturday at the popular park, which is on a hill, a police spokesman told HTV.

An autopsy found that the 31-year-old Graciano Macedo was murdered and investigators are searching for her killer, the police spokesman said.

Investigators are focusing on a group of homeless people and drug addicts who live in cardboard dwellings around the park, HTV reported.

Graciano Macedo's body was found at the park after an intense four-day search launched when her brother, Enmanuel Graciano, reported the tourist missing.

Split's residents are distressed over the crime because it is the first killing that anyone can recall in the tourist destination and occurred in broad daylight at a popular recreation area, HTV and other media outlets reported.

No one saw or heard anything unusual during the time that the killing happened, Croatian media said.

A resident saw the Mexican tourist in the park around 7:00 p.m. on the day she went missing, unofficial reports said.

Investigators initially found a sandal and hat belonging to the victim, but they later discovered evidence of a struggle along with her backpack and a bloody knife. EFE