Former police officer Roberto Quiñones was charged formally on Tuesday with the death of dancer Yexeira Torres, who has been missing for almost a year, Puerto Rico's attorney general said.

Guillermo Somoza announced at a press conference that Judge Ana Dinora Suarez found probable cause for the arrest of Quiñones for first-degree murder and destruction of evidence related to the death of his ex-girlfriend.

The case goes back to October 2011, when Torres' mother, Iris Pacheco, reported her missing.

Quiñones, always the prime suspect in the dancer's disappearance, was expelled from the police force in 2003 and has been a fugitive from justice since last November after being convicted of using false documentation and illegal possession of a bulletproof vest.

Torres on Oct. 24 asked her father for a loan to pay for car repairs, and that was the day she told him that she was going to go out with her boyfriend, who the press said was booted off the police force after complaints of domestic violence and drug trafficking.

Quiñones was named a suspect after his automobile was inspected by police forensic experts, who detected blood stains that someone had attempted to wash away inside the vehicle. EFE