NASCAR and FOX Deportes television said Monday they have struck a deal to offer sports content in Spanish that will include 15 races during the 2013 season.

FOX Deportes, which reaches 6 million Hispanic households via cable and satellite, will air six races live of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, including for the first time in Spanish the Daytona 500.

At the same time it will produce a series of programs on NASCAR that includes daily news segments as well as 30-minute pre-race shows with background facts, rules of the sport and further details to attract the Latino fan base.

In 2011, NASCAR launched a 5-year plan aimed at reaching a younger, more diverse viewer segment while penetrating the Hispanic market, which now makes up 10 percent of the audience.

"It's a historic milestone in the evolution of FOX Deportes, and we're excited to be working with NASCAR to add the most popular motorsport in America to our overall programming mix for the first time," said Vincent Cordero, executive vice president and general manager of FOX Deportes.

"There's no sport more deeply rooted in the fabric of America than NASCAR, and having it on our own network represents our continued commitment to expand and diversify our content portfolio by adding the biggest sporting events in the world that impassion today's U.S. Latino," Cordero said. EFE