The 348 Federal Police officers at the Mexico City airport have been reassigned in response to the killings two months ago of three officers when they tried to arrest fellow members of the force who were allegedly involved in drug trafficking, the Public Safety Secretariat said.

"In an effort to strengthen the security plan at the AICM (Mexico City International Airport), the Federal Police has executed a rotation with respect to the personnel that was assigned to that station," the secretariat said in a statement.

Three Federal Police officers were murdered on June 25 at the Mexico City airport by fellow officers.

Officer Bogard Felipe Lugo was arrested last month and the Federal Police is still looking for officers Daniel Cruz Garcia and Zeferino Morales Franco, who also allegedly took part in the killings.

The shooting in Terminal 2 occurred during an operation to arrest three officers being investigated for having links to drug traffickers and the officers killed were going to make the arrests, the Federal Police said.

The three fugitive officers were involved with a ring that smuggled drugs from Peru into Mexico, officials said.

The slain officers were investigating the smuggling operation, which involved an arriving passenger throwing the drugs into a trash can and an airport worker later removing the drugs, the secretariat said.

The 348 Federal Police officers who had been stationed at the airport "were assigned to different states," the Public Safety Secretariat said.

The reassignments were done in phases to avoid affecting security at the airport and all the officers are now at their new posts, the secretariat said.

The new officers assigned to the Mexico City International Airport have been vetted twice, the secretariat said.

The reward of 1.6 million pesos ($122,000) owed to the individual who provided the information that led to Lugo's arrest has been paid out, the secretariat said.

Rewards are being offered for information leading to the capture of the other two fugitive officers, the secretariat said.

Mexico City's Benito Juarez International Airport is the country's largest airport, handling more than 25 million passengers annually. EFE