The death toll from a bus crash in the northwestern Mexican state of Durango has risen to 12, officials said.

The accident occurred Friday at a spot known as The Devil's Spine on the highway linking Durango city with the Pacific resort of Mazatlan, the mayor of that municipality, Alejandro Higuera Osuna, told the media.

Another 22 people injured in the crash, in which the vehicle ran off the road and fell more than 100 meters (328 feet), were taken to several area hospitals.

Red Cross members, firefighters and emergency management and military personnel took part in the rescue operation.

Mexico averages around 24,000 traffic fatalities a year.

Sixteen people were killed and four others injured Aug. 6 in a collision between a van and a tractor-trailer in the northern state of Sonora, while an April 20 bus-truck crash in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz left 43 people dead and 27 injured. EFE