At least four people died Saturday in a collision between two small, single-engine airplanes in Sao Paulo state, officials said.

The accident occurred when the two planes crashed in flight, burst into flames and went down in the municipality of Santa Barbara D'Oeste, some 140 kilometers (85 miles) from Sao Paulo, according to a Military Police official cited by the state news service Agencia Brasil.

A spokesman for the Brazilian air force high command confirmed the accident to Efe, though he was unable to provide any information about the victims.

He said that a total of four people were aboard the two planes that crashed and authorities are currently at the scene of the crash to investigate the cause of the collision.

The planes went down on a sugar-cane plantation, one of many in an area whose economy depends on the sugar and ethanol industries.

Several units of the Fire Department rushed to the scene of the accident and put out the fire. EFE