Spain is getting ready for another heat wave, with 23 provinces expected to experience tempertures as high as 41 C (106 F) on Friday.

This will be the nation's third heat wave this year, and in the coming days maximum temperatures will range between 37 and 41 C (99-106 F) in the affected regions.

Cities in the southern and central parts of the country, including Granada, Jaen and Ciudad Real, will swelter under the highest temperatures, the State Meteorological Agency, or Aemet, said.

Another 20 provinces have been placed on yellow alert, while in the northern regions of Galicia, Asturias, Palencia, Leon and Zamora, no alert has been declared.

Last week Spain was hit by a hot African air current that spread a heat wave through most of the country and set all-time temperature records of 41-46 C (106-115 F) in several cities.

Aemet estimates that this new heat wave, which coincides with one of the driest summers on record, will not be as intense as the previous one but could last longer. EFE