Leftist FARC guerrillas mounted bomb attacks Tuesday on an oil depot and an electric pylon in the northeastern province of Norte de Santander, Colombian authorities said.

Both strikes occurred in rural areas near the town of Tibu.

The rebels targeted a power line that supplies electricity to a community of some 10,000 people and a storage facility belonging to state oil company Ecopetrol, provincial police commander Eliecer Camacho Jimenez told Efe.

"In the first case, the explosives did not topple the pylon, so the service was not interrupted," Col. Camacho said by telephone from Cucuta, capital of Norte de Santander.

The blast at the oil depot caused a minor spill, he said.

Attributing the bombings to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, Camacho said provincial authorities have recently noted increased coordination between that group and the smaller ELN rebel faction.

FARC attacks last week in the southwestern provinces of Valle del Cauca and Nariño cut power to Colombia's two main Pacific ports, Buenaventura and Tumaco.

Electric service to Buenaventura has been largely restored, but Tumaco and two other cities in Nariño - Ricaurte and Barbacoas - remained without power Tuesday.

Three guerrillas were killed and six others captured in a military strike on the FARC unit suspected of carrying out the bombings in Valle del Cauca and Nariño, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon said Sunday. EFE