A new multimodal transit system card will allow riders to seamlessly pay for Metro and Metrobus service, the Mexico City government said.

The Federal District Card, or TDF, will be similar to the Calypso system being used in Hong Kong, Quebec, London, Lisbon, Paris and Venice.

The cards will cost 15 pesos ($1.15) and allow the transit system to carry riders more efficiently, the Federal District's government said.

"Nearly 19 million pesos ($1.45 million) was invested to upgrade the software and hardware of the Collective Metro System (SCM) and 2 million cards are already prepared for sale," the Federal District's government said in a statement.

Mexico City officials, however, did not say when the new system would go into operation, noting only that the change would come "in the next few weeks."

More than 8 million people live in Mexico City and a total of some 20 million people live in the capital's metropolitan area.

"It is expected that some 50 percent of Metro revenues will come via electronic payments by the end of the year," Mexico City officials said. EFE