Spaniard may face charges in Cuba for deadly crash


The visiting Spaniard who was behind the wheel for the car crash that killed prominent Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya and another man may face criminal charges, a Spanish diplomat told Efe here.

Angel Carromero is being held on a potential charge of manslaughter for the July 22 accident in which Paya and his colleague Harold Cepero died, Cuban Communist Party daily Granma said.

Spain's consul general in Havana, Tomas Rodriguez-Pantoja, told Efe that the measure is being taken while the investigation is still underway, and that prosecutors requested his preventive detention as a precaution.

Rodriguez-Pantoja said that at present no formal charge has been brought against Carromero.

The Spaniard remains in custody at an Interior Ministry facility in Havana.




10 Die in violence in Mexican Pacific resort city


At least 10 people, including one person who was beheaded, died in drug-related violence in the Mexican Pacific resort city of Acapulco, state officials said.

The bullet-riddled bodies of a woman and two men were found early Monday in the Cima district of Acapulco, Guerrero Public Safety Secretariat officials told Efe.

Three other bodies were found in different places on the outskirts of the resort city, with one victim dumped at a butcher's stall in a market.

Two other bodies were found around midnight Sunday, and both victims were shot dead, officials said.

The Acapulco fire department found a mutilated body and a severed head on the seat of a burning vehicle on Monday afternoon.

Police, meanwhile, said a person was gunned down in the La Lajita district.

Acapulco, one of Mexico's most famous tourist destinations, has been plagued by drug-related violence in recent years.




PRI wants probe of Mexican left's campaign spending


The auditing unit of the Federal Electoral Institute, or IFE, will be asked to conduct a probe of alleged diversions of public funds by leftist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, said.

The allegations focus on Honestidad Valiente and Austeridad Republicana, the grassroots organizations that provided support to Lopez Obrador for his campaign trips and rallies before he became the left's presidential candidate.

The request will be made by the representative of the PRI's National Executive Committee before the IFE, Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, at an unspecified date, the PRI saidn in a statement.

PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto won the July 1 presidential election with 38.21 percent of the vote, while Lopez Obrador took second place with 31.59 percent, according to the final official results released by the IFE.

Lopez Obrador is challenging the results, alleging that the PRI engaged in massive vote-buying.




Former political prisoner detained in Cuba


The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation denounced another "arbitrary arrest" of dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer, a former political prisoner.

A communique from the commission's spokesman, Elizardo Sanchez, said that Ferrer was arrested Monday night by the political police in the province of Holguin, some 750 kilometers (465 miles) east of Havana, and "his whereabouts are unknown."

Ferrer, the 41-year-old leader of the banned opposition Patriotic Union of Cuba group has been temporarily arrested on other occasions in recent months.




5 Burn to death in accident in El Salvador


Two teenagers - one from Guatemala and the other from Honduras - and three Salvadoran adults burned to death when their automobile collided with a tractor-trailer on a highway in central El Salvador, officials said.

Karen Guadalupe Guzman, a 14-year-old from Guatemala, and Doris Sanchez Matute, a 14-year-old from Honduras, died in the accident Monday, police and the ISNA child-welfare agency said.

Nurse Gloria Reyes, 46, driver Luis Edgardo Diaz Martinez, 45, and police officer Jose Rosa Leiva, 37, were also killed when the ISNA vehicle crashed and caught fire.

The three adults were taking the teenagers from the ISNA office in San Miguel, a city about 138 kilometers (86 miles) east of San Salvador, to the capital.

The girls were the victims of people traffickers and were in the custody of ISNA, the agency's director, Luis Salazar, told reporters.

The accident occurred on the Pan American Highway near Apastepeque, a city in San Vicente province, a fire department spokesman told Efe.




U.S. Olympic team shows diversity of immigrant community


More than 30 foreigners are on the team representing the United States at the London Olympic Games, and all are living examples of how much immigrants are contributing to their adopted country.

The presence of numerous Hispanic surnames on the team reflect not only the immense demographic changes in recent decades, but also the determination of these athletes to overcome adversity and live the "American dream."

Their example should serve as an argument against those who, from Congress or conservative think tanks, do all they can to belittle the contributions of immigrants to the United States, both documented and undocumented.

One example tells the story, as in the case of runner Leo Manzano, son of an undocumented immigrant worker. Manzano was crazy about sports from the time he was a toddler, and at high school in Marble Falls, Texas, he won nine state championships.

This year his victory in a 1,500-meter race earned him a place on the team going to London.