At least seven people died Saturday when a twin-engine plane crashed while landing at an airport in the southeastern Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, according to a firefighters' bulletin.

The firefighters said they found seven mutilated bodies at the scene of the accident but were continuing the search based on the original report that the plane was carrying nine people.

According to the bulletin from the Minas Gerais state Fire Department, the plane that crashed was a Beech King Air B-200 twin-engine turboprob with a capacity for 10 passengers that was on a flight from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, to Juiz de Fora, the second largest city in the state.

The aircraft apparently crashed into a building and exploded when it hit the ground.

The accident occurred around 7:30 a.m. near Serrinha Airport in Juiz de Fora at a time of fairly unfavorable weather conditions due to low visibility.

According to local media, aboard the aircraft were employees of the Vilma Alimentos company arriving for a conference organized by the Minas Gerais State Federation of Industries in Juiz de Fora.

Among the victims were the company's president and vice president, three of the firm's directors and the pilot and copilot of the aircraft. EFE