A young Hispanic man is suing the Chicago Crime Commission over its decision to include his name and photograph in a book of area gang members, the Chicago Tribune said Thursday.

Edward Arroyo's suit, filed in Cook County Circuit Court, contends the commission's Gang Book erred in identifying him as a leader of the Spanish Gangster Disciples.

Insisting that he is not part of a gang or any other "criminal enterprise," Arroyo says the commission damaged his reputation.

"It's beyond the point where a simple retraction will correct the situation," one of Arroyo's attorneys, Lesley Pickering, told the Tribune.

She said her client has suffered extreme mental anguish and expressed fear that he could be targeted by rivals of the Spanish Gangster Disciples.

The Chicago Crime Commission, an unofficial, non-profit entity, published the Gang Book in January. The text includes profiles of the area's gangs and information about their estimated 100,000 members.

The commission's spokesman, John Pastuovic, said the book draws from police records and information provided by informants, law enforcement professionals and gang members. 

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