A suspected drug trafficker was captured by the Nicaraguan armed forces after a shootout in the Caribbean region over the weekend, officials said.

Patrol boats spotted, pursued and intercepted a boat carrying four people and exchanged shots with the occupants Saturday night about six nautical miles northeast of Wounta, a town in the Atlantico Norte Autonomous Region, or RAAN, the armed forces said.

"No one was wounded and no damage was done to the navy vessel," the armed forces said in a statement.

"The drug trafficking vessel caught fire" as a result of the shootout and the crewmen jumped overboard in an attempt to flee, the armed forces said.

Florentino Solis Evans, a 30-year-old from Laguna de Perlas, a town in the Atlantico Sur Autonomous Region, or RAAS, was arrested early Sunday on drug charges.

The boat is suspected of carrying drugs and at least three barrels of fuel, the armed forces said. EFE