The fires that were spreading on two of Spain's Canary Islands seemed to be stabilizing Wednesday after reducing some 3,000 hectares (7,500 acres) to ashes, forcing the evacuation of about 1,900 people and threatening Teide National Park.

The blaze on the south side of the island of Tenerife had spread since Sunday to the tourist destinations of Vilaflor, Guia de Isora and Adeje.

Between Monday night and the wee hours of Tuesday, the flames "leaped over" the line of defense against wildfires in Vilaflor, so that 1,800 residents had to be evacuated as a precautionary measure.

The head of the island's local government, Ricardo Melchior, said that every effort is being made to keep the fire from spreading up the ravine in the northwestern area toward the municipality of Guia de Isora.

On Tuesday the fire reached Teide National Park, one of Spain's most important volcanic environments, the reason why, according to Melchior, the flames will spread no farther.

Meanwhile the blaze that broke out Monday on the island of La Palma is contained on all sides and firefighters are working on its extinction.

That fire has burned 900 hectares (2,200 acres) and obliged more than 100 people to leave their homes.

Also considered extinguished on Tuesday was the forest fire that broke out Saturday in the mainland municipality of Moguer in the southern Spanish province of Huelva, which charred 125 hectares (310 acres) of land.

Besides these wildfires, Spain has recorded 9,334 cases of material damage with almost 100,000 hectares (390 square miles) laid waste up to July 8 of this year, including those in Valencia on the Mediterranean coast, according to figures provided Wednesday by the Spanish government. EFE