More than 250 young people were arrested for disorderly conduct on the Mexico City Metro and in city streets over the weekend, the Federal District Public Safety Secretariat said.

The arrests were made Sunday afternoon when the young people became disorderly while heading to a music festival, a spokesman for the secretariat told Efe.

Young people apparently began to insult and harass Metro riders, prompting police to step in and start making arrests in several places around downtown Mexico City.

A total of 259 arrests have been made, but the number could rise once all the people have been processed, the Federal District Public Safety Secretariat spokesman said.

Many of the suspects were drunk and traveling in packs that fled as soon as they spotted officers, forcing the police to chase them through the capital's streets.

Many of the young people were arrested after they entered a shopping center on the Paseo de la Reforma, media reports said.

Police went after the young people, creating a tense situation for shoppers and causing many stores to close.

The people arrested during the operation were taken to the prosecutor's office. EFE