Peruvian nanny Ana Cuadros was sentenced to life in prison without parole after being convicted of capital murder for the beating death in 2005 of a child in her care.

This is the second time Cuadros has been given this sentence after the first trial and conviction was ruled without effect due to irregularities.

After more than five hours of deliberation, a jury in Collin County north of Dallas asked the judge on Friday if they could listen once more to the recordings of Cuadros' 911 emergency call and her first interrogation by the police.

After the trial which lasted five days, Cuadros' defense said Friday during the final arguments that the young Peruvian was innocent of murder and that the evidence presented rather confirmed that the child's death was the result of an accident.

But the jury found that Cuadros was responsible for the death of 14-month-old Kyle Lazarchik on Oct. 12, 2005.

The interpretation presented by the defense was that the little boy died from a fall from one of the fixtures in the kitchen and not from being beaten as the prosecution always maintained.

Cuadros always said that the boy fell to the floor, though in a statement to Efe in a 2010 interview, she said she made a mistake in not telling the child's parents what had happened the day before the boy allegedly began to suffer convulsions.

For their part, prosecutors repeated to the jury that the defendant had no compassion for the minor whose death she caused and that her "conscience betrayed her" into changing her story of what happened several times when she was first questioned.

This was the second trial for Cuadros, jailed in 2005 after being accused of hitting the toddler on the head and causing his death.

In 2006, the Peruvian was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, but after three years of long legal battles mounted by her defense attorneys, an appeals court in Dallas threw out the conviction due to errors during the trial.

Prosecutors later decided to retry the case. EFE