Two of the three police officers involved in the June 25 shooting at the Mexico City airport that left three fellow officers dead may surrender to the army when the next administration takes office, Proceso magazine reported.

Fugitive Federal Police officers Daniel Cruz Garcia and Zeferino Morales Franco denied in an interview with the news magazine that they were under investigation for drug trafficking.

The shooting in Terminal 2 occurred during an operation to arrest three officers being investigated for having links to drug traffickers and the officers killed were going to make the arrests, the Federal Police said.

The three fugitive officers were involved with a ring that smuggled drugs from Peru into Mexico, officials said.

Authorities are offering a reward of 5 million pesos (about $361,000) for information leading to the arrest of the officers.

Cruz Garcia, Morales Franco and Bogard Felipe Lugo Leon, who have been on the run since the shooting, contacted Proceso to tell their side of the story.

Cruz Garcia and Morales Franco are willing to turn themselves in, "but not at this time," preferring to wait until the Calderon administration leaves office on Dec. 1, the story, which carries reporter Ricardo Ravelo's byline, said.

"Currently, we have no guarantee nor do we believe that we would get a fair trial," the officers told Proceso, adding that the Federal Police would kill them if it found them.

The fugitive officers told the news magazine they might surrender to the army for their own safety.

Other Federal Police officers, including their immediate supervisor and the agency's security chief at the Mexico City airport, had threatened them if they did not get involved in drug trafficking, the officers said.

The three officers shot in the incident approached Cruz Garcia, Morales Franco and Lugo Leon on June 25 to demand that they work with the drug trafficking network, Cruz Garcia said.

"I told them I was going to report them," Cruz Garcia told Proceso, adding that his threat set off the shootout.

Command-level officers, including Federal Police Regional Division chief Luis Cardenas Palomino, are protecting drug traffickers, the officers said.

Cardenas Palomino is the main protector of drug traffickers at the airport, the officers said.

Mexican media reported last week that the shooting at Benito Juarez International Airport began with an argument among cops over a packet of cocaine.

The Reforma newspaper cited several unnamed witnesses who said the shooting arose from a dispute among six police officers over a packet of cocaine left behind by a traveler.

Sources in airport security had told Efe earlier that five or six cops, including several off-duty officers in plainclothes, were together at a coffee shop in the terminal shortly before the gunfight broke out.

The officers arguing about the drugs went to the airport's food court, described as a "blind spot for the security cameras", where the shooting started.

Two officers, Josue Adan Matadamas Cota and Enrique de Jesus Pacheco - who was at the airport on his day off - died in the food court.

"Apparently, some uniformed officers tried to escape by elevator and were confronted by Fidel Rojas Martinez, who was wounded and later died," Reforma said.

At least 10 cops were involved in the shooting, the newspaper said, contradicting authorities' statement that only six officers took part.

Cardenas Palomino called Reforma's story a "disgrace" and said officials had no evidence or testimony pointing to "any argument" among the officers.

Officials have released security videos that appear to support the official account of the events of June 25. EFE