A Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, worker was killed and two others were injured in an accident at a pumping station in Omealca, a city in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz, the company said.

The accident occurred early Wednesday while the workers were doing maintenance on the Arroyo Moreno pumping station, Pemex said.

An explosion and fire occurred at the pumping station, Mexican media reported.

Pemex, however, has not confirmed the media reports.

The accident occurred on the Loma Bonita-Tierra Blanca stretch of the 24-inch pipeline that runs from Nuevo Teapa to Tula.

"There was a spill of hydrocarbons due to the incident, but it was controlled and recovery of the (spilled) product was undertaken," Pemex said.

The dead worker was identified as Pedro Padilla Estrada, while the injured workers were identified as Alexis Poblete and Alfredo Garcia.

The condition of the injured workers was not released by Pemex.

The Pemex Emergency Coordination and Support Center "is monitoring this event," the state-owned oil company said.

Pemex's facilities in Omealca were among those sabotaged in 10 states in 2007. EFE