A police officer died and another man disappeared when their boat sank in the La Plata dam in northern Puerto Rico after being hit by a stream of water, officials said Thursday.

Six people, all of them related, were aboard the boat being captained by Joel Soto Rivera, 35, on an outing to celebrate Independence Day on Wednesday.

Rafael Tapia Vazquez, 47, was reported missing in the boating accident.

Soto's wife, Adelis Tapia, 25, and his sons, Bryan, 8, and Kevin, 14, survived, along with his mother-in-law, Carmen Merse, 55.

Bad weather is hampering the search for Tapia Vazquez, AEMEAD disaster management agency search and rescue coordinator Nino Correa told radio station WKAQ 580 AM.

The heavy rains in the area are expected to continue on Thursday, the National Weather Service said.

Officials are worried that the dam's gates may have to be opened to let out water, Correa said.

"What worries me the most is that we have to open a sluice gate because that creates more difficult situations, everything tends to move. We are at a distance of approximately one kilometer (0.62 miles) from the gates," Correa said. EFE