Authorities have found the largest illegal marijuana plantation in Europe, with about 10,000 plants in 16 greenhouses, on a farm in the eastern Spanish province of Alicante.

Civil Guard agents arrested the two people in charge of the plantation and one of them has already been sent to prison as per a judicial order.

The operation, which was conducted last week, was launched after authorities learned that 16 greenhouses had been installed on a farm in the town of Lliber whose license to grow vegetables had been denied.

During the investigation, agents found thousands of pot plants inside the greenhouses.

Lliber is a town of about 1,000 people in the northern part of Alicante province.

The owners of the pot farm, a 45-year-old Briton and an 18-year-old Spaniard, had installed equipment designed to absorb and transform the distinctive odor released by the pot cultivation.

The agents also seized 43 kilograms of vacuum-packed marijuana divided into packets of 500 grams in preparation for distribution, as well as a van with British registry equipped with false flooring under which the drug could be transported.

Initial inquiries found that the marijuana grown on the farm was possibly being shipped to Holland and Belgium. EFE