The two-man crew of a warplane was unhurt when the aircraft caught fire while preparing to take off from an airport in northern Colombia, the air force said.

The accident led to the temporary closing Saturday of Ernesto Cortissoz Airport in the Caribbean city of Barranquilla.

The A-37B Dragonfly "experienced problems on the runway around 10:25 a.m. while on a training mission on the field at Ernesto Cortissoz aiport," the air force said in a statement.

The crew "executed the procedures established in the manuals, handling the incident successfully, they are safe and left the aircraft under their own power," the air force said.

The plane was removed from the runway and a team of investigators is looking into the accident.

Several commercial flights out of Barranquilla were delayed and others scheduled to land at Ernesto Cortissoz Airport were diverted to nearby cities. EFE