Two suspected drug traffickers who are the subjects of U.S. extradition requests were arrested by drug enforcement agents in Ocos, a town in western Guatemala, an Interior Ministry spokeswoman said.

Abigail Juncos Trinidad, 50, and his nephew, Amadeo Guenseslao Juncos Grijalva, 35, were arrested on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry spokeswoman told Efe.

"These people were arrested by National Civilian Police drug enforcement agents in Ocos, in San Marcos department, acting on a warrant," the Interior Ministry spokeswoman said.

The suspects are wanted by a federal court in Florida for allegedly smuggling and distributing drugs in the United States.

"They are also facing conspiracy charges for possessing a ship subject to the jurisdiction of the United States on which a cargo of cocaine was found a few weeks ago," the Interior Ministry spokeswoman said.

U.S. authorities will have 90 days to present evidence to a Guatemalan court that the two men were involved in the crimes of which they are accused.

The court will weigh the evidence and decide whether the suspects should be sent to Florida for trial.

Officials did not say which drug cartel Juncos Trinidad and Juncos Grijalva were linked to. EFE