Mexico wants to expand international cooperation in the war on drugs to create "new strategies and lines of action," Mexican Deputy Attorney General for Judicial and International Affairs Alejandro Ramos told Efe.

"Mexico's biggest concern is promoting international cooperation at a higher level of effectiveness," Ramos said Monday at the international anti-drug meeting in Lima.

Drug trafficking is a problem that affects all countries and Mexico is promoting a global approach because distinctions should not be made among consumers, producers and transit areas, Ramos said.

"What Mexico is pushing for in the hemisphere is to move from having meetings of a political nature to taking action to create a center to coordinate sensitive intelligence about criminal organizations that can be shared in a secure manner," the deputy AG said.

Countries with drug cartels operating in their territories are not the only ones responsible for waging the war on drugs, Ramos said.

"Nationalizing the cartels is to ignore the fact that the problem involves all countries in different spheres and ways. The countries where the money is laundered are also part of the same phenomenon," the deputy AG said.

The declaration to be signed at the meeting's conclusion on Tuesday will acknowledge in its main points the "need to increase and strengthen international cooperation to admit common, shared and differentiated responsibility among countries in fighting drugs," Ramos said.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala opened the two-day international drug conference, which drew high-level officials from 61 countries and 16 organizations. EFE