Emergency management office personnel and army troops found the wreckage of the military plane that went down in a mountainous area in central Colombia and confirmed that all aboard died in the accident, officials said.

The plane crashed Saturday in a rural area outside Choconta, a city in the central province of Cundinamarca.

Searchers reached the crash site on Sunday after hiking several hours and combed through the wreckage, emergency management office spokeswoman Sandra Calvo told Efe.

Intermittent rains and fog affected the area over the weekend, hampering search and recovery operations.

The crash site is in rough terrain and hard to reach by both the ground and air, Calvo said.

"The four dead bodies are there, but they have not been able to get them out and the helicopters have not been able to get there. They are hoping that the (weather) conditions will improve," Calvo said.

Officials resumed the search early Sunday after being unable to pinpoint the crash site the day before.

The plane was a Cessna Grand Caravan 208 B turboprop, a type of plane used for routine air travel.

The crash killed Lt. Wilfran Yesid Torres, Lt. Johan Baron, Cpl. Alejandro Isaza and Cpl. Jhorman Deybi Rozo, who was a passenger.

Crash investigators went to the crash site to try to determine what caused the plane to go down, the army said. EFE