Uniformed men kill 3 police officers at Mexico City airport


Several individuals wearing uniforms fired the shots that killed three Federal Police officers at Mexico City's Benito Juarez International Airport, airport security officials told Efe.

Two of the officers were pronounced dead at the scene and the third died while being treated at a hospital, the Public Safety Secretariat said.

It is not clear what police agency or military unit the shooters belonged to, but one of the dead officers had been investigating a corruption network involving the Federal Police and organized crime groups, airport security officials said.

Both the assailants and the victims were wearing Federal Police uniforms, and the dead officers did not even have a chance to draw their weapons, eyewitness Paula Lopez told Efe.




Brazilian oil giant cuts output targets


Brazil's Petrobras said it is cutting its crude-oil output projection for 2020 from 4.91 million to 4.2 million barrels per day as part of a move toward "realistic targets."

The state-controlled firm has fallen short of its production goals for the last eight years, CEO Maria das Graças Foster told investors at a gathering in Rio de Janeiro.

While the original plan called for output to reach 3.07 million bpd in 2015, the revised blueprint sets a target of 2.5 million bpd in 2016, she said.

"We have been working with business plans that impose audacious but inviable goals. Now we will work with more realistic targets," the head of Brazil's largest enterprise said.




Supremes uphold Arizona's "show your papers" regulation


The U.S. Supreme Court overturned several parts of Arizona's SB 1070 immigration law, but the justices let stand the provision allowing police to verify the immigration status of people stopped in the normal course of law enforcement.

The 5-3 decision marked a partial political victory for the Obama administration, which challenged the controversial measure on the grounds that Arizona was trying to usurp the federal government's exclusive authority over immigration.

The Supreme Court let stand the article that authorizes police and other agents of law and order to verify the immigration status of people about whom "probable cause" exists to believe they are in the country illegally.




Spain requests EU aid for banks


Spain formally asked its 16 euro-zone partners for financial assistance to backstop troubled banks, but Madrid did not say how much it needs of the 100 billion euros ($126 billion) on offer.

The request came in the form of a letter from Economy Minister Luis de Guindos to the current Eurogroup chair, Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Junker.

While European finance ministers agreed on June 9 to extend a lifeline of up to 100 billion euros ($126 billion) to Spain's banks, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's administration delayed its official application pending reports from two independent consultants.

Preliminary audits submitted last Thursday by consulting firms Roland Berger and Oliver Wyman showed that Spain's lenders will require between 51 billion euros and 62 billion euros in additional capital under a "worst-case" scenario in which Spanish gross domestic product were to fall by 6.5 percent between 2012 and 2014.




DEA agent kills suspected drug trafficker in Honduras


A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent shot and killed a suspected drug trafficker over the weekend during an operation conducted by Honduran security forces that resulted in the seizure of several hundred kilos of cocaine, a U.S. Embassy spokesman said.

The suspect was killed Saturday in the operation, which also left four other people wounded.

"A suspected drug trafficker tried to draw a weapon, so the DEA agent fired on the drug trafficker to protect his own life," embassy spokesman Stephen Posivak told Efe.

Four Misquito Indians died in the Caribbean region of Honduras on May 11 in a joint operation conducted by the DEA and the Central American country's security forces. The U.S. government said on May 17 that the DEA agents who took part in the operation did not fire any shots.




Bus crash kills 25, injures 23 in western Mexico


At least 25 people were killed and 23 others injured in a bus accident over the weekend in the western Mexican state of Guerrero, emergency management officials told Efe.

The accident happened around 1:30 p.m. Sunday on the highway that links the cities of Tlamacazapa and Buenavista de Cuellar.

The bus flipped over and slid into a 200-meter (656-foot) ravine, deputy state emergency management secretary Constantino Gonzalez Vargas said.

The 48 passengers had just attended a rally staged by the Workers Party, or PT, one of the parties in the coalition backing presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.