A teacher handed himself over to police in the southern Brazilian city of Alvorada after two days on the run with a 14-year-old student with whom he had apparently been romantically involved for several months.

The teacher showed up Sunday morning at the girl's home to return her to her parents and then headed for the police station, but before he could get there the student's relatives attacked the 46-year-old educator.

After receiving medical attention, he was taken to the police station for interrogation.

According to police, the teacher went to the school last Friday to hand in his resignation after his wife discovered his love affair with the minor and he decided to leave town to avoid a scandal.

The student invented an excuse so she could leave school and travel with her teacher.

According to the teenager, who said she went away with the adult of her own free will, the two had a love affair over the past six month that was discovered last week by another teacher who saw them kissing.

The school administration was told what was going on, as was the teacher's wife who gives classes at the same institution and had recommended the hiring of her husband.

"It was a consensual act by the minor. They planned their getaway when the teacher's wife found out what had happened," Newton Martins de Souza Filho, the police commissioner of Alvorada, a suburb of Porto Alegre, said.

According to the commissioner, the teacher will not be arrested since for now he cannot be charged with either kidnapping or rape, since the girl said she went away with him of her own accord.

Brazilian law defines rape as sexual relations with anyone younger than 18, with the exception of consensual relations with those between ages 14 and 17, in which case the crime is one of criminal sexual relations.

But the police have not been able to determine whether the pair even had sex. EFE