Police seized $450,000 in cash, a dozen vehicles and several kilos of cocaine in San Pedro Sula, a city in northern Honduras, Security Minister Pompeyo Bonilla said Sunday.

The cash, drugs and vehicles were found at a clandestine warehouse Saturday in San Pedro Sula, located 240 kilometers (about 150 miles) north of Tegucigalpa, Bonilla told reporters.

The money was in a secret compartment in one of the vehicles, San Pedro Sula police department spokesman Leonel Sauceda said.

"One of the seized vehicles had a false compartment where we found a sack containing 23 packs of dollars, which a count found to be a total of $450,000," Sauceda said.

Another vehicle contained an unspecified number of kilos of cocaine, the police spokesman said.

An man, who has not been identified, was arrested in the operation, Sauceda said.

"The operation is not over yet because we are going to get some arrest warrants from the find," the police spokesman said.

Two Hondurans carrying several firearms, $70,000 in cash and U.S. military uniforms were arrested on Saturday in the central part of the country, officials said. EFE