A group of 25 Algerian migrants attacked the four National Police officers guarding them and escaped from the immigration detention center in the southeastern Spanish province of Murcia, but more than a dozen of the escapees have been recaptured, police spokesmen told Efe Sunday.

The escape occurred Saturday afternoon, when about 30 illegal immigrants staged an organized attack on the officers with hoses, fire extinguishers and other implements as they were being escorted to the restrooms from a common area.

The migrants - all males - arrived in Spain on a small boat and were taken to the immigration detention center to await deportation.

The Algerians beat the officers, discharged fire extinguishers to create chaos and made it out of the main building and over a wall, police said.

The four officers, who sustained extensive injuries, called for reinforcements but were unable to prevent the mass escape.

The injured officers were taken to a hospital in Murcia for treatment.

The National Police later detained 15 of the migrants, some of whom were injured while jumping over the wall.

Officers are conducting a sweep to try to capture the other 10 migrants.

The immigration detention center is currently housing 115 illegal immigrants who are awaiting deportation, officials said. EFE