Truckers union members blocked access Wednesday to refineries across Argentina as part of a strike against fuel transportation companies, industry representatives said.

Strikers blocked oil refineries in Buenos Aires, Tucuman, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Mendoza provinces.

President Cristina Fernandez's administration has threatened to take tough measures if the strike causes fuel shortages.

The truckers, who went on strike Tuesday, are demanding pay increases of 30 percent.

Industry representatives warned Wednesday that fuel shortages would occur if the strike was not resolved quickly.

"There will be no fuel in two days and the country will be paralyzed" if distribution does not return to normal, Federation of Fuel Companies president Rosario Sica said.

The strike was declared by the truckers union led by Hugo Moyano, who is also the head of the General Confederation of Workers, Argentina's largest labor federation.

Moyano, a former ally of Fernandez, has been clashing with the administration and staged another strike last week.

The Labor Ministry ordered the two parties in the fuel industry dispute to go to mediation on Tuesday, but the union rejected the order and declared the strike, which is not set to end until Friday. EFE