Graciela Baravran, the nanny implicated in the deaths of three children at a shelter for handicapped youngsters in central Spain, admitted her guilt on Monday and was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Efe learned of the sentence from sources involved in the case, who said that the defendant admitted killing the children, ages 3, 9 and 14, during a preliminary hearing Monday at a court in Valladolid.

The incident occurred Aug. 15, 2011, when the nanny decided to kill the three children who suffered from physical and psychological infirmities and who were sleeping in their respective beds and crib at a shelter managed by the NGO Messengers of Peace in the town of Boecillo near Valladolid.

The charges against the defendant stem say that she took from the shelter's kitchen a roll of transparent plastic wrap and a trash bag to suffocate the children, who were unable to defend themselves.

Baravran, born in Uruguay in November 1955, obtained Spanish citizenship in March 2007. EFE