The two people aboard a small plane that crashed in Olancho, a province in eastern Honduras, while transporting 40 kilos of cocaine were killed, a military spokesman said.

The plane crashed on Wednesday "in a mountainous area," armed forces spokesman Jeremias Arevalo said.

The aircraft was "detected by radar" in the early morning hours of Wednesday and went down between the cities of Gualaco and San Esteban, both located in Olancho, Arevalo said.

"When the small plane was detected, an air force plane took off to do aerial reconnaissance, but it never established contact with the aircraft, which was later found after the accident," Arevalo said.

The bodies of the crewmen have not been identified because they were burned beyond recognition, the military spokesman said.

The small plane was "transporting about 40 kilos of cocaine," Arevalo said.

The aircraft was coming from a South American country, media reports said.

The plane that went down was not the aircraft stolen on Sunday in Colombia and flown to Gracias a Dios, a province on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, Arevalo said. EFE